The Soft Machine I An exploration of cloud computing in the new millennium.

Thursday, August 20 at 1:00 PM MDT

The Electronic Recycling Association is proud to present the third chapter of The Soft Machine I An exploration of cloud computing in the new millennium.

Join us online on Thursday, August 20 at 1:00 PM MDT as Joshua McKenty, Co-Founder of OpenStack, Piston Cloud and EQ Labs hosts a deep, intimate and interactive roundtable with: 

JEFF BARR, Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services

ANDREW CLAY SHAFER, Vice President of Transformation at Red Hat

PETER COFFEE, Vice President for Strategic Research at Salesforce

JIMMA ELLIOT-STEVENS, Chief Privacy Officer at Thomson Reuters

JENNIFER LIN, Vice President of Product Management at Google Cloud

“The fact that my songs take a long time to write is no guarantee of their excellence.” – Leonard Cohen

Over the past decade, cloud services have evolved from being perceived as a nebulous, risky solution suited for non-critical services to a position of strategic prevalence in the vast majority of enterprises; impacting the vast majority of business functions. Cloud services have reliably addressed the false promises of inflated expectations, myopic forays into disjointed and non-critical solutions, and legitimate concerns about security, privacy, and sovereignty.

Despite the oft-heard narrative that cloud adoption is always a moving target of two to five years away, over 90 percent of North American enterprises are already leveraging cloud computing in one way or another. Enterprise cloud is no longer a choice between virtualized cloud-washed solutions from legacy providers and one-size-fits-all hyperscale solutions, but present a wide range of viable choices for each core and non-critical business function.

Progressive technology companies and leading enterprises are responding by disposing of the traditional portfolio management and capital budgeting approach to transformation and instead adopting ‘Zero Cost Transformation’ approaches based on significantly reducing or eliminating the capital investment required for wide-scale innovation. Investment by strategic technology partners in digital transformation and compensation for technology partners is often now directly linked to the tangible business value generated, measured and reported. In 2020, over 30 percent of all transformation initiatives are based on co-investment, and close to one-third of initiatives link some or all vendor compensation to tangible business value generation.

By leveraging cloud-native solutions and embedding DevOps into digital transformation initiatives, enterprises can shrink project timelines from three to four years to three to six months; greatly accelerating innovation, reducing cost and time risks, and virtually eliminating the risk of technology obsolescence.

With many of cloud computing’s great promises already fulfilled, how can one of mankind’s greatest inventions continue to empower and propel global innovation in the interest of solving humanity’s most critical issues?


1:00 PM

Joshua McKenty, Co-Founder of Open Stack, Piston Cloud and EQ Labs

1:10 PM

An Exploration of Cloud Computing in the New Millennium

2:00 PM

Audience Q & A

2:25 PM

Joshua McKenty, Co-Founder of Open Stack, Piston Cloud and EQ Labs

2:30 PM


2:40 PM

Featuring the sounds and vision of Owen Brierley.

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