“Wither goest though, America, in thy shiny car in the night?” – Jack Kerouac

The pace and direction of human evolution in the last 20 years has been founded on the singular force of technology hyper-acceleration. Since 1995, the power of computing has increased over 50 fold while the cost has been reduced to a third, the pace of content creation has increased over 500 times, the availability of content at any given time by 10,000 fold, and the speed of content dissemination by over 3.5 billion times.

Access to modern computing capabilities has grown from under 150 million people, the vast majority in wealthy countries, to over 5 billion people. The cumulative impact of increased power, reduced cost and accelerated access has led to an 85 quintillion-fold increase in 20 years, that is, 85, followed by 18 zeros. This hyper-acceleration has seen technology move from the narrow confines of the largest governments and corporations, to become an integral part of all aspects of human endeavour, across its various manifestations in individual interactions, economic organization, and social structures, and has a had a greater impact on the human condition than the accumulated progress of the 5,000 years of civilization which preceded it.

The convergence of innovation and enterprise that made this unprecedented proliferation of technology possible, however, was marred by an original sin that has, in under a generation, unraveled much of its progress and impact. The first wave of widely available technologies remained a closely guarded and proprietary preserve of innovators and entrepreneurs, who eventually morphed into the corporate colossuses of our time.  

Even as these technologies became foundational to the activities of individuals, governments, enterprises, and societies, the pace and direction of innovation became beholden to the commercial interests of a small group of technology companies.  This concentration of control within a relatively narrow class of innovators, over what was supposed to be an abundant and widely accessible utility, creates impediments in the way of progress, and the squandering of much of the potential of technology; technology that has the potential to solve the greatest issues facing humanity in the 21st Century.  

The ERA Digital Foundation is a coalition of global leaders who share an unwavering commitment to sustainable economic development, the courage to challenge incumbency and inertia and a passionate desire to re-archtect the digital economy for the greater good of all of humanity.  


Co-Founder and Executive Director of the ERA Digital Foundation

Robert is the founder of the Canadian Cloud Council, Politik and Highrise and currently sits on the DocuSign global advisory board and United Nations Foundation Global Digital Council. He is a contributing writer at The Globe and Mail, IT World Canada and Betakit.


Chair of the Urban Innovation Forum

Jessie is the General Manager of Development, Building and Licensing and former Chief Technology Officer at the City of Vancouver.


Chair of The Invisible Hand Forum

Joshua Crumb is the Co-Founder of GoldMoney and Coffee Flour. He recently launched Abbax, a foreign exchange designed to enable the invisible hand.


Chair of the Digital Trust Foundation

Jimma is the Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel for Thomson-Reuters and former Chief Privacy Officer at Rackspace.


Chair of the Privacy Forum

Michelle is the CEO of DrumWave and Former Chief Privacy Officer of Cisco, McAfee and Intel.


Chair of the Global Community 2.0 Forum

Fereshteh is the founder and CEO of Code to Inspire and building Afghanistan 2.0.


Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Forum

Vasu is the Chief Marketing Officer at FireEye.


Chair of the Digital Innovation Forum

Arne is the Chief Information and Chief Innovation Officer at GoDaddy and former Chief Technology Officer of Service Now.


Chair of the New Economy Forum

Bryson is the Chief Information Officer of Equifax and former Global Chief Technology Officer at IBM.


Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Forum

John is a regular technology and business columnist at Forbes, Business Insider and Inc.


Chair of the Future of Digital Ethics Forum

Joshua is the Co-Founder of OpenStack and Piston Cloud and former Field Chief Technology Officer at Pivotal.


Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Forum

Bojan is the Founder and President of Electronic Recycling Association.


Chair of the Digital Luminary Forum

Shuchi is the Global Head of SAP Foundry and member of the United Nations Foundation Global Digital Council.


Chair of the Sharing Economy Forum

Chelsea is the Co-Founder of Instigation Protocol and Alchemy Spaces.


Chair of the Future of Education Forum

Brian is the Deputy Chief Information Officer at University of Alberta.


Chair of the Internet 3.0 Forum

Michelle is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Cloudflare.

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